It’s a Vicious Cycle

Domestic violence is rather predictable and survivors can recognize the signs easily. Most abusers’ goal is control in one form or another. Most often it starts off with small things until it snowballs into controlling every aspect of their victim’s life.

As a coping mechanism and way of getting through the every-day many victims will tell themselves, and their families and friends, the same things over and over:

  • It’ll never happen again. It was a one-time outburst.
  • He says he’s really sorry.
  • It’s my fault I made him angry—I should be a better partner.
  • He’s just stressed out right now.
  • He’s only controlling because he loves me.

This is often referred to as the “Cycle of Abuse” or the “Cycle of Violence.”
If you have experienced telling yourself and others any of these phrases, contact us today to break the cycle.

You are important and we care about you!